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The Inbox and Knowledge Base APIs are currently still being built. If needed, you can use the REST API for that for now.

Welcome to the documentation for the Groove API!
Our new GraphQL API is a powerful way to automate, manage, and extend all the functionality of our platform, all without having to use

You’ll have access to everything we use for our Inbox, CRM, and Knowledge Base products, and you can both read and write all of your data such as conversations, messages, agents, and contacts.
The GraphQL API is v2 of Groove’s API. It is a GraphQL-based alternative to the REST-based API provided in v1.

What is GraphQL?#

GraphQL is a new API standard that provides a more efficient, powerful, and flexible alternative to REST APIs.
The GraphQL data query language is:

  • A specification
    The spec determines the validity of the schema on the API server. The schema determines the validity of client calls.
  • Hierarchical
    The shape of a GraphQL call mirrors the shape of the JSON data it returns. Nested fields let you query for and receive only the data you specify in a single round trip.

Why GraphQL?#

Groove chose GraphQL for our API v2 because it offers significantly more flexibility and consistency. The ability to define precisely the data you want is a powerful advantage over the REST API v1 endpoints. GraphQL lets you replace multiple REST requests with a single call to fetch the data you specify.

  1. Strongly typed
    The schema defines an API’s type system and all object relationships.
  2. Introspective
    A client can query the schema for details about the schema.

How do I use it?#

The GraphQL API makes the functionality of Groove available at a single GraphQL endpoint. The full set of supported types can be found in our GraphQL API reference. We recommend your familarize yourself with the GraphQL Basics before reading on.